The South Dakota Veterans Park project is a beautifully designed Veteran's Park situated on a location that is about as perfect as they come. The property is adjacent to the South Dakota Hall of Fame in Chamberlain, SD. Located just off of Interstate 90 at Exit 263, it will make a great first impression as people turn off to explore our communities.

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude." -Cynthia Ozick

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The goal of this park is to honor all South Dakota military veterans and active duty personnel for their unwavering service to our great country. Every military conflict that our country has ever endured is represented in this park through pavers of soldiers who have fought in them or are currently fighting. If these pavers could talk what an amazing history lesson we would have!

Once word spread across the state about this new veteran's park going up alongside the Missouri River on the same campus as the South Dakota Hall of Fame, we became inundated with requests from veterans and their families requesting the opportunity to have their paver, or the paver of a beloved veteran, placed in the park! To date, the hundreds of pavers placed here create an immense atmosphere of reverence and pride.

We are indeed proud of our park, our veterans, and of South Dakota and there is no better way or place to adequately display this! The SOUTH DAKOTA VETERANS PARK creates a phenomenal impression of our pride in our veterans, and with its great location viewable from I-90 for thousands of people to see every day, it creates a memorable icon in central South Dakota as well!

Please take time to visit this park when in the area, and consider a paver for yourself or in honor of a veteran that you know.


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